Couch to 5K

Paul and I are back on the couch to 5K program. We have run weeks 1 and 2, except that week 2 was so. hard. Pathetic as it is, this week is a repeat of week 2. We will "run" Atlanta's Thanksgiving Day 5K in the interests of saying we are back in the exercise state of things. But, it is not going to be pretty.

On a related note, I am trying to talk Paul into buying a pair of Vibrams. Like his mother, Paul has begun to develop bone spurs, and I'm wondering if moving to a shoe that encourages a midfoot strike will help him. Plus, if he gets Vibrams, I should get some too, and I'm (not so) secretly lusting after a pair.

Frequent flyer miles

We had such a good time in Seattle. I want to try to go every August if possible. Money's going to be tighter now, at least until the house sells, and there's been painfully little action on that front. But I think we can make it work with a little planning.

One thing I'm happy to have discovered is frequent flyer miles. I used to be part of the frequent flyer program of some airline or another, but I got mad and cancelled it when I found that their miles expired after some period of time. I would hear about people getting free tickets for their miles and think, "You must travel an awful lot to accumulate so many miles before they expire." Well, this year, I travelled an awful lot, and I decided it was time to sign up for the frequent flyer programs of the airlines I generally use. Happily, Delta's miles don't expire. But I should have a free ticket with Delta by the end of 2012, anyway. More excitingly, I'm now one trip away from a free ticket with Alaska Airlines - and since I have their credit card, I probably won't even need to travel to get those miles. Who knew? (Actually Tiffany knew. And, she told me, too. Thanks, Tiffany!)

Unfortunately you can't take credit for your kids' miles, or we'd already have a free ticket. I signed them up for their own memberships and look forward with dread to the junk mail lists they will probaly be added to as a result.

Notable quotes

Penelope: I bet there won't be many kids here today because it is Happy Friday.
Me: No, it's Good Friday.
Penelope: Well, I call it Happy Friday.

Sabrina: You are going to make Penelope's breakfast foggy.
Me: Huh?
Sabrina: If you pour the milk before she gets here, her breakfast will get all foggy.


Overheard during breakfast.

Sabrina: My best friend is named Ciari. She starts with C. (pause) Only, sometimes she doesn't want to be my best friend. She doesn't want to play with me.

Penelope: (sighs) That's what best friends do sometimes.

Sabrina: (also sighs) Yeah.

Penelope: Did you get a new best friend?

Sabrina: No. It was clean up time.


Chattanooga got real snow yesterday, for the second time in three weeks, and it shut everything down completely. Today, the office opened late. School is still closed, and we suspect it'll be closed tomorrow too.

They plowed our main north-south road in North Chatt but none of the other roads. Driving my Honda Civic to the main road was fun. I'm not even being sarcastic :) It was just like old times in Idaho - less snow, but inappropriate tires and no clearance which more than made up for the less snow.

The cleared road follows what I assume is some sort of gully towards the Tennessee River. The houses on both sides sit far up above the street. From one yard, a little girl with a maniacal grin and a snowball eight inches across was waiting for my car to pass - she tried to lob the snowball onto the car as I drove by. So cute.

The cleared road has two lanes each way, but one lane was taken up by the little hill of snow the snowplow makes. In our case, the snowplow hill was only two or three feet high - so cute! - but it was there all the same.

Also, in case you were not aware, today is Pocky Day because the date 1/11/11 looks like a bunch of Pocky sticks laying next to each other. Eat Pocky and think of us.

The Day Off That No One Else Has

For some reason, my company decided that today would be a better day for us to have off for the New Year holiday than Friday. On Friday that seemed like a raw deal, but today, I find I am free to entertain myself however I like. How exciting. Oh, there's stuff going on. There's a guy coming to install the washing machine; the shopping will need to be done; there plenty of cleaning and straightening I could do around the house. I'll probably even do some of it. But mostly, I plan to sit around in utter indolence, reading and sewing and puttering around on my rock wall.

I think I will start by painting my toenails.

Christmas 2010

Last night the kids put on their pajamas inside out and did the snow dance before bedtime, and today we're looking at a true white Christmas. The order of events this morning has been very urgent. First was opening presents, of course. But after the presents were all open, it was immediately time to go outside. So far we have about three inches of fluffy snowman-making snow, but we also have a house on a hill so instead of making snowmen, the kids slid down the hill on the butts of their little raincoats. Now, with wet snowy outerwear shucked, it's very important to drink hot cocoa, and rumor has it the next order of business is playing with the toys. I'm not sure where, or if, breakfast fits into the morning. They seem too busy to eat. It's a pretty great day to be a kid.